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इंग्लिश बोलने के लिए कुछ खास टिप्स इस वीडियो में देखिये । How to speak English fluently and confidently in daily life in office at home is just a matter of practice. This English training video in Hindi gives you 11 Tips to speak English fluently and confidently. Speaking fluent English effectively and properly in 10 days for beginners in easy way. This online free training video does not endorse to try to speak correctly and thus not speaking at all. People speaking English naturally does not care for grammar in
language rather they speak more quickly and smoothly.

Tip 1 : Think in English
Tip 2 : Speak English
Tip 3 : Watch English Movies
Tip 4 : Talk to Customer Care
Tip 5 : Discuss in English
Tip 6 : Watch English Talk Shows
Tip 7 : Read English Comics
Tip 8 : Create Groups
Tip 9 : Read Newspapers Loudly
Tip 10 : Hum English Songs
Tip 11 : Record Your Voice

Did you notice that in modern times if you do not speak English, you feel low and your confidence level goes down. In spite of your talent and capability,
other persons move ahead only because of their English speaking eloquently without fear without hesitation. What is the reason of not speaking English?
because you think people may come to know that you do not know English, still people know that you can not speak English.

This training video of English speaking language is being dedicated to my friends, Palavi Ghosh and VJ, who helped me in knowing these tips to speak English smoothly properly correctly. English conversation is not only the use of grammar and vocabulary, but the belief and confidence to speak.

T S Madaan
Trying to help you for your better health, family relationship, income, mind, social regards and pure spirit.

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