मत कहो 'NO' Learn 40 Other ways to say 'NO' | English Speaking Practice Lesson In Hind | 95 |#cherry

Stop Saying ‘NO’ – Learn 40 Other ways to say ‘No’. English Speaking Lesson in Hindi | Speak Fluent English #learnenglish #englishspeakinglesson #speakfluentenglish

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In today’s Spoken English Lesson in Hindi with Cherry you will 40 Other ways to say ‘NO’ in different situations in your daily routine English conversations. I have explained this lesson where ‘No’ in the answers is replaced with smart English phrases.If you want to improve your English fluency and speak smart and fluent English faster, expand your English vocabulary and learn new English words and phrases for daily English conversation. We hope you find this lesson useful and use these phrases to sound more confident in English speaking.


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