मत कहो ‘WAIT’ – Learn 12 Smart English Phrases | English Speaking Practice Lesson To Speak Fluently

मत कहो ‘WAIT’ – Learn 12 Smart English Phrases | English Speaking Practice Lesson To Speak Fluently & Confidently in Hindi #speakfluentenglish #englishspeakingpractice #englishthroughhindi

Every beginner in English wants to speak English fluently and confidently in daily English conversations just like native English speakers. So how should one learn to speak fluent English? or How should I improve my English conversation skills? I am sure you have this question in your mind while learning English. In this English speaking Practice lesson in Hindi with Jenny, learn how to say WAIT in 12 different ways, that are short and smart and fit in ant situation. These English phrases are easy to remember and learn. Jenny has explained the meaning of these smart English phrases in Hindi. She has given you 2-4 sentences that are translated from English to Hindi for better understanding so that you could relate to the situation quite easily. Se has also explained the pronunciation of difficult English words and how to pronounce them correctly in English. She has all touched up the English Grammar used while forming these sentences.
Do watch this complete spoken English lesson to improve your English, we have more than 1200+ English lessons covering topics such as English Grammar, Tips to learn English the right way, English pronunciation practice, How to crack IELTS exam, Doubt clearing sessions, Accent training lessons, Difference between American English and British English etc. For complete English speaking course and more lessons, visit the links mentioned below.

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