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✏️ study with me // real time, with piano music

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Hi dear friends ✨

Todays video is a loot more different than usual !! As you can see from the title it’s a ‘study with me’…yes…we also need to study TT It’s more difficult to produce other videos at the moment as it’s finals week for us…so please bear with us until finals are over…and also please wish us lots of luck and pray for us to do well in our exams 🙌
Oh and…just so you know; I’m cloud 🤭
We’re trying our best to make the best out of the precious time we have so we still hope you enjoy this video and study with us together !

To anyone that is also about to write exams and is stressing out because of finals or anything else…don’t forget that grades don’t define you and it will be over soon…so hang on for a little bit more time and soon you’ll see that ‘your efforts haven’t betrayed you’

Always stay safe and healthy.
Hope you enjoy and as always thank you so so much for watching ❤️

Lots of love,

📮 // important notice :
Due to personal reasons we had to close our P.O box so we’d appreciate it a lot if you wouldn’t send us any fan letters.

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