Today we will practice some English grammar, specifically around comparative adjectives. Given all the coronavirus reporting, we thought we would explain the English vocabulary being used, things like **Biggest**, **Strongest** and when this language is suitable and correct.

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There seem to be a lot of extreme events being reported on the TV at the moment, from the financial markets to the impact corona virus is having on people and their lives. Interestingly, even native English-speaking reporters whose job it is to use the English language to explain what is going on are not always using the correct English language!

Along the way the reporters have been using more extreme language comparing the events to past events, where, for example, a market crash in 2008 was big, but the 1987 crash was bigger and now we are experiencing the biggest crash since the 1929 crash.

So today we cover some examples of comparative adjectives and the rules for using them in everyday English conversation.

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