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Pocoyo is ready to play video games! Enter in amazing virtual worlds with him! Let the game begin!

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00:00:01 Insert Coin
00:06:00 Pocoyo Crazy Inventions
00:14:05 Call Me
00:19:55 Elly’s Computer
00:26:22 Dance Off Part Two
00:32:15 Puppy Love
00:38:15 Magic Words
00:44:02 Musical Blocks
00:50:05 Hole Lotta Trouble
01:14:19 Colour my World
01:21:22 Mad Mix Machine
01:26:25 Invisible Pocoyo
01:32:24 Double Trouble

🎮 Insert Coin 🎮
The grumpy Martian is back in Pocoyo’s white world and he’s kidnapped Elly’s doll. Surprise surprise! Elly asks Pocoyo for help and he turns the rescue mission into a video game, complete with a final monster.

👾 Pocoyo Crazy Inventions 👾
Pocoyo, Elly and Pato enter in a virtual world where they have to scape from a terrible virus!

📲Call Me 📲
Pato has bought a brand new phone and can’t get enough of this fantastic technology.

🖥️ Elly’s Computer 🖥️
Elly is playing with her computer, which has a screen, a mouse and a keyboard, while Pocoyo waits to play ball with her. Pocoyo gets angry because Elly isn’t playing with him.

🕺Dance Off Part Two 🕺
Elly and Nina are dancing in synch. Pocoyo and Pato enter the scene and challenge them to a dance off. Who will be the best dance duo? Even Roberto joins the party. Can’t stop! Won’t stop!

🐶 Puppy Love 🐶
Pocoyo neglects Loula when he finds a toy dog to play with.

🌟 Magic Words 🌟
Something really weird is happening today… Every time the narrator asks what Pocoyo is playing with, the audience says something else and Pocoyo’s object changes.

🎼 Musical Blocks 🎼
Pocoyo and Pato are having great fun playing with some magical blocks which form towers when music is played.

🕳️ Hole Lotta Trouble 🕳️
Pocoyo, Pato and Elly are playing marbles: you aim at a hole and shoot. But this isn’t a regular hole. It’s swallowing everything!

🎨 Colour my World 🎨
Pocoyo finds a new toy – a remote control that changes the colours of the things around him. It’s great fun until he changes the colours of his friends. We have to help him put things back to the way they were.

🔌 Mad Mix Machine 🔌
Pocoyo finds a super duper machine that mixes objects and makes special new toys to play with. But when Pocoyo puts his friends’ toys in the machine for fun, he upsets them.

👻 Invisible Pocoyo 👻
Pocoyo finds a fantastic new toy: a machine that makes things invisible! He wants to show his friends his exciting discovery but they are too busy doing their own thing.

❗Double Trouble ❗
Pocoyo wants to play ball but Pato is stubborn: he wants to play on the see-saw. Elly turns up so Pocoyo goes to play catch with her. Pato’s left on his own. And the see-saw is no fun on your own. But he has an idea. He gets a machine and makes a copy of himself, a clone.

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Pocoyo is a curious, fun-loving, friendly toddler who’s always into experiencing new and exciting adventures. Featuring core values of tolerance, respect, love and loyalty, kids around the world love to join Pocoyo’s adventures with his inseparable animal friends Elly (the elephant), Pato (the duck), Loula (his pet dog) and Sleepy Bird.

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