#064 Interjections (Filler words) in English
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Hello everyone! I am Georgiana, founder of speakenglishpodcast.com. I want to help you speak English fluently. Speaking English is easier than it seems! You just have to use the right material and techniques.

In this episode…

– I’m gonna talk about interjections in English. It ‘ll be very useful for you.
– Next, a point of view story to improve grammar. I’ve also recorded a short conversation that will help you with your vocabulary.

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Perfect! Let’s get started!
Interjection? What an ugly name. Right? But ugly or not tough, interjections exist in all languages.

Basically, an interjection is one or several words that can express some kind of emotion: – amazement
– surprise
– sorrow
– and so on

Okay, let’s see some examples:

Aha! Oh! Huh? Stop! Ow! Good!

These are all interjections. An interjection can be used as a filler. They are very important in spoken language because the conversation becomes more natural.

Let’s start with some examples:

If you hurt yourself, you could say:

“Ouch! That hurt.”

“Darn! That hurt.”

“Gee! That hurt!”

Well, as you can see, the possibilities here are endless.

#064 Interjections (Filler words) in English
READ the TEXT here:



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