#086 How Americans celebrate Easter in the United States with a mini-story
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Hello, everybody! I am Georgiana your English teacher and founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com. My mission is to help you speak English fluently.

Today we’ll talk about something festive. Have you noticed that in springtime you go to your local supermarket and you see chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs everywhere?

Well, today I’ll talk about Easter and how Americans celebrate this holiday.
And with a funny mini-story, you’ll practice your speaking while learning new things about the Easter holiday.

What exactly are we celebrating at Easter? Each spring people all over the world, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year we celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 21.

Whenever Easter comes, everywhere you go you’ll see from colorful eggs to Easter bunny cakes.

Also, most people have a week off for Easter, so parties are organized to enjoy the occasion with family and friends. Certainly, Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States.

And how else do Americans celebrate Easter?

Apart from spending this holiday with friends and family, some people attend special services which are held in churches on Easter.

And what’s with the eggs and the rabbits? Why are they a symbol of this holiday?

Eggs and rabbits symbolize the rebirth and return to the fertility of nature in spring. The eggs are hard-boiled and decorated or made of plastic, candy, and of course chocolate.

Every year, several Easter activities are held at the White House lawn. Hundreds of children participate in different activities and organize games.

#086 How Americans celebrate Easter in the United States with a mini-story
READ the TEXT here:

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