While giving IELTS exam, a candidate does several things which they should try to avoid.
When you join IELTS online coaching India then they will prepare you well so that you don’t make any mistakes.

In this blog, we are going to mention a list of things that an IELTS candidate must avoid before
giving the IELTS exam. So, what are you waiting for!! Read it and consider avoiding these
mistakes before giving IELTS exam.


  • Don’t Jump on Answering Question If You Don’t Know What To Write

    While doing the IELTS Exam, you bump into questions that you don’t understand. If this
    happens with you, take help from the examiner. Ask them to explain the work or repeat the
    question. It is fine to ask for clarification of any specific thing but you can’t ask an explanation
    again and again while doing an exam.

  • Avoid Using Complicated Words

    The most common mistake done by IELTS candidates is using complicated words as they think
    they will get brownie words by using these complex words. All the best IELTS institute in
    Punjab will guide you to not to use these complicated words. When you use the words that you
    don’t understand properly then you might end up using them incorrectly. This will result in
    scoring less in the writing and speaking sections.

  • Don’t Use Grammar Words For Which You Are Unsure

    It is complete “NO” to use the grammar words that you are unsure about. You have to be sure
    about the elements like transitions, verbs, tenses, connectors, and transitions if you want to use
    grammar properly. And, if you join the best OET online coaching than they will teach you all
    the things.

  • Don’t Speak or Write Less

    Get one thing straight to your head that is writing during the writing test and speaking during
    the speaking test. To evaluate your language skills, you have to write and speak. If you remain
    silent or leave the pages blank than on what criteria the examiner will judge you!! The
    questions which are not answered properly will be marked as incorrect which will have a
    negative impact on your score.

  • Don’t Try to Memorize

    Under any circumstance, don’t memorize your answers. When you write the scripted answers
    in the IELTS exams then it won’t work. Your examiner will easily grab that the answer is
    written is scripted and it will reduce your score.

  • Correct Yourself

    During your speaking test, if you realize that you have made a mistake then amend it there and
    then. This will depict that you have made an error and trying to rectify it. It is advisable to not to
    feel afraid and correct yourself.

  • Don’t Feel Pressurize

    It’s natural to feel pressured while giving the exam. But, to keep yourself in control, you can eat
    healthily during an exam, get a good sleep one day before an exam, try breathing exercises.
    These things are also recommended by the best IELTS online coaching India.

  • Don’t Jump Directly to Answers

    It is recommended to think for a few seconds before directly jumping to the answers. When you
    think for a few seconds then it will help in organizing your thoughts and preparing quality

  • Don’t Skip To Add Main Points

    While doing the IELTS exams, make sure that you are adding all the valuable information.
    Don’t try to rephrase or repeat the question, adding obsolete data, or talking around. Stick on
    the point to score well.

  • Be On-Time

    Don’t be late for your exam!! Make sure that you have enough time to reach the exam center,
    sit, and register yourself patiently. If you arrive late than candidates often get panicked which
    can also harm your exam. So, be on time to stay stress-free.
    All the Best!!



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