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Attention Spanish Language Learners & Word Search Enthusiasts!

Learning a new language can be daunting. With new words to learn, pronunciation to practice, and grammar rules to memorize it is easy to become overwhelmed. Goglot aims to make language learning as enjoyable as solving a word search puzzle.

This bilingual word search was created with the intent to combine a fun mental game with language learning. When hearing a new language, your brain tries to make patterns and pick out words it already knows from what is heard; in the same way, with a word search you are looking for words in a pool of letters. With this method you will train your brain to pick out words from a stream of input.

Get all of the mental benefits of word search, plus a consecutive input of new words in your vocabulary.

This isn’t your ordinary word search. We have organized this word book by including essential common Spanish words. Every other puzzle is packed with common verbs and adverbs. Every word search has your 10 vocabulary words in Spanish and English appearing side to side

Imagine doing a couple of word searches before speaking to your Spanish speaking friends. You friends will be surprised by how much you will start to understand.

Imagine completing puzzles on your flight to Spain, Mexico, or any other Spanish speaking country. Imagine the excitement when you start to understand words you’ve found before on your word search.

Don’t just imagine. Make it a reality. This can be you!

Here are the main benefits you will get when going with this Goglot Word Search:

✓Hours of fun! – 100 fun puzzles to solve.
✓ A fun challenge – The solutions can be found vertically, horizontally, and diagonal, either in forward or reverse order.
✓Expand your vocabulary– Learn 10 new words with every puzzle!
✓ Large Puzzles – One Puzzle per page. Say goodbye to eyestrain for good.
✓ Translations Included – Words will appear side to side in English and Spanish in your word bank. In the same puzzle!
✓ Good Quality Print – Printed on 8.5”x11” white pages making them ideal for circling your finds!
✓ Solutions Included If a puzzle appears too challenging, we have all of the solutions in the back of the book.

✓ Thoughtful Gift – This is a thoughtful gift for word search enthusiasts or any Spanish or English learners you know!

Y, Sí! por supuesto, también puedes usar este libro para aprender inglés.

Ready to experience a stress-free way to learn a language?

Get your copy today!

Authors Note:

Thank you for checking us out! We are a small publisher that aims to create a fun language learning experience through fun activities. We are polyglots that want to make learning languages fun for everyone.



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