11 English Learning questions answered (interview for fce.pl)

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Here are the questions I answer:

Q1 Why learning foreign languages is so important?
Sometimes I hear (especially among young learners): ‘I don’t want to learn English because I don’t need this’. What could you say to those teenagers?

Q2 What is the best method to learn a foreign language?
This is one of the most common question. I realize that there is no explicit answer but how would you concern to this question.

Q3 How to learn vocabulary?
They say that vocabulary is much more important than grammar. If so, then my second question is: should we stop learning grammar? What is your opinion?

Q4 How to learn idioms and phrasal verbs?
A lot of learners struggle with phrasal verbs and idioms. I think this is due to the confusion brought about by translating single words which are a part of phrasal verb into native language. What do you think about it and how to study idioms and phrasal verbs?

Q5 How to learn English in a natural way?
There are lots of different methods of learning languages but let’s focus on a natural way. When we were babies we didn’t use any kind of methods to learn our native language. We just listened and repeated without understanding. This ‘method’ allowed us to use our native language fluently in few years. Do you think this is the best way to learn new language now as we are adult?

Q6 Is learning two languages effective?
Lots of people wonder how to start learning two (or more) foreign languages at the same time. Can it be effective and effortless? Is it possible to achieve advanced level of those two or more languages? How much time dedicate to each language to see good results?

Q7 Your methods of learning English.
You are a founder of DoingEnglish.com, the website where anyone can learn English practising your method – Two Step Speaking (2SS). Can you explain how your method works? Is this method made from the scratch or based on some other methods?

Q8 2SS and your Japanese.
I know that you live and work in Japan and you speak Japanese fluently. Have you been learning Japanese practising Two Step Speaking? If so, have you used only this method?

Q9 Is it possible to learn specific English accent without going abroad?
Is it necessary to go abroad to develop language skills?

Q10 Gift for foreign languages.
Will Smith once said: ‘Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft’ Do you agree?

Q11 How to motivate yourself?
One of the main problem is lack of motivation and enthusiasm. How to overcome those difficulties? What is the hardest thing in a process of motivation and how to handle it? How to change learning foreign language into a way of life? Which ingredients are important to make learning much more enjoyable?

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