15 AMERICAN WORDS & PHRASES (How to pronounce them with an American Accent!) | Go Natural English

Have you ever wondered how to sound like a native English speaker from the United States of America? Yes? ? Then, you’re going to love this lesson!

Today we’re talking about 15 words that are very American, and how you can pronounce them correctly with a very American accent. We will also show you some great examples on how to use each word.

Are you ready?! Let’s start learning! Here’s what’s in this lesson:

1. Literally
2. Awesome
3. Like
4. Totally
5. What’s up?
6. I hear you
7. Tell me about it
8. Oh my God
9. Shut up!
10. Dude
11. Buy
12. Whatever
13. For real
14. For sure
15. Do you get it?/Got it?

Check out our video lesson above for amazing examples and correct usage info!

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