19 – Do YOU learn English like ALIENS?! – How To Get Fluent In English Faster

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Now that we’ve taken care of that, let’s start the show!

To get fluent faster, learn like aliens!

Some of your English teachers have probably been speakers of your native language. You may have even asked them to translate things for you to help you learn words more quickly.

You may have also looked words up in a dictionary when you didn’t know their meanings.

All of these things are very common, and quite useful for learning English, but if you want to get truly fluent, you need to train your brain to think differently!

Imagine that you are an alien from another world.

One day, after an English speaking astronaut crashes on your planet, you are told to learn English!

Yet, if you have no dictionary, and no one else on your planet knows English, how will you possibly learn the language?

The simple answer is IN ENGLISH!

As an alien, you would be forced to open your mind and focus on the meaning of the astronaut’s basic sentences.

This requires strong focus, and a skillful teacher, but incredibly fast English fluency is your prize!

When you’re in the classroom, you probably aren’t paying attention to the English lesson as much as you should because you can just look up the words for the test later.

But when you really need to focus on something because you have no other way to learn it, your brain changes and you become a learner ready to get fluent!

You are not an alien, but you can still learn like one!

Imagine that you can’t ask questions in your native language, and that you don’t have a dictionary! You really have to pay attention and get involved in the culture of English to understand the meanings of words and phrases.

But if you think this way, you will finally come to understand what it means to learn English just like a native speaker, and you will feel your fluency developing faster than you’ve ever imagined!

Now get up, put your space suit on and start getting fluent in English faster!

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