David is shocked by an unexpected invitation and Elizabeth has a brainwave

Russ shows off the latest Gallery exhibit to Robert. He isn’t happy when Robert describes the subversive Christmas card collages as “a clever way to recycle”. Russ admits to Elizabeth he’s been feeling lonely. He doesn’t regret leaving his wife, but filling out divorce paperwork has reminded him of everything he’s had to sacrifice to start a new life with Lily. Elizabeth is still struggling to settle on a Christmas production. Robert suggests she speaks to Jim about ghost stories. He hasn’t forgotten the story Jim told in the hide. Elizabeth enthusiastically calls Jim, who agrees to do some research.
Jill trips on one of Rosie’s toys and drops a casserole dish. David doesn’t like the way her wrist is swelling, and offers to drive her to hospital. But Jill is only persuaded when Leonard offers to take her himself. They’re relieved to discover it’s just a sprain. They share stories of trips to A and E with their own children, and think about how long it’s been since they lost their spouses. Jill thanks Leonard for being there for her. It’s nice not to be alone. Back at Brookfield David is wrong-footed when Jill invites Leonard to stay the night. He can have Ben or Josh’s room, and surely David can lend him a pair of pyjamas?



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