At the end of every year, I become full of hope. I become determined to reach new goals or more determined to reach old ones I fell short of. I try to be thankful for what I have, but there is a wish list I have in mind, and I begin to plan ways to fulfill those wishes.

2020 has been a year full of personal and professional challenges. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all faced the daunting task of reinventing “the norm.” From month to month, we’ve been experiencing a new normal. New ways to socialize. New ways to enjoy sports. For many teachers and students — a new way to learn.

I want to continue my tradition of finding optimism as we approach January 1. I want to believe that 2021 will bring us much more good than bad. I want to build a positive outlook and ride on it right on through the New Year, like a happy kid on a bike that Santa brought. I know there will be potholes and hills to climb, but I believe I can navigate them all if I keep my hands firmly on the handlebars and my eyes on the road. Well, I might risk a look up at the sky now and then. That’s how I get my creative juices flowing and find inspiration.

I wish you all a smooth, happy ride into the New Year! Enjoy the holiday season. May 2021 bring you and your loved ones strong health, stability, and shared joy! Hold on tight to the handlebars, but don’t forget to take in the lovely sights around you. It’s still a wonderful world.

Happy New Year! I’ll be back with new posts in January.

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