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In this course, you’ll learn how to speak English with absolute clarity and precision. We cover all aspects of sound production and what goes into pronouncing English properly. Starting from the very basics of learning new sounds, we teach each of the phonemes of spoken English. Phonemes are all the different sounds that make up all of human speech. We cover the history of the language and how it evolved through history. We also discuss the biology and physiology of your vocal system.

When you understand what goes into making sounds and how your body actually accomplishes this, you achieve greater control over your speaking voice. This control of your sound allows you to chose the way you speak and even tailor your accent to your audience. Taking this course shows you how to stand apart from the crowd and be remembered for the content of your speech rather than the sound of your voice. Leave your audience with the impression you intend.

Learn to speak with a nootrl accent!

In this video, I’ll teach you how to be understood on the phone. Speaking on the phone takes a little more work to be understood than speaking in person. By following the steps listed in this video, you’re ensure that you are always understood!




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