Speak Up! KL
Date: 22 October 2016
Time: 9am – 1pm
Venue: Kota Buku, KL







  1. Can you give some motivation in terms of how to adapt new environment in company??

  2. It is very difficult to have a conversation in English with my friends, so, I am looking for a website or an application to talk to other people. I can not find anything, can you show me one if you know? (sorry if there are mistakes in spelling or grammar, I recently studied English)

  3. Since you are furthering your study now in UUM, can I ask you to hold an English programme just like Speak Up! in UUM..??

  4. how to have confident in speaking english,even i had been practis for many time???give me some tips coz i need a lot of speaking in englishh right now for preparing my ielts..thnk you

  5. last option.. enroll.. British Council.. else ask help from Jackie Chan.. cf his English when he first arrived in America and the last ten years.. Chinese works hard.. much harder than Malays.. maybe Chinese are smarter too

  6. I'm officially using 99% English almost 3 years now in my university.. throwback when I was in my first year , I felt down cuz people keep teasing me but, yeah I just don't care .. those time, I used to watch thousands of motivation video and one of it your video about English . well, thanx a lotss for keep encouraging us.. I'm pretty fluent now, alhamdulillah.. May Allah, rewards your good deeds.. amien.

  7. Tq ksi tips. Haha. Best (Y) . Tgk video ni pun sy guna utk improve english sy. 🙂

  8. Hi there! I just want to share another method on how to have English conversations besides finding a friend to practise our speaking skills.

    We also can try to have English conversations through social media, especially through comment session with other people from around the world. Personally, I love to have conversations with people from other countries as it helps me to strengthen my speaking skills and also learn from these people. For recommendations: SoulPancake and New Age Creators (bc they usually love to have conversations with the audiences, just like you!)

    And have a great day bro Aiman! Thank you for your tips.

  9. when i first started watching your channel a few years back i thought you were based in the US.

    i'm from the UK and would have never imagined you rarely speak english in your day to day life.


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