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  1. What I am going to say about you is that you have broken my heart into small pieces and I couldn't gather them again!
    thanks for your great efforts to make us good englich speakers Gabby.

  2. Hello my gabby teacher I am Ali my form Pakistan I am Business man in Dubai I need Canada for Business ?

  3. All languages have their own melody..
    BTW I didn't have to click in subtitles.. I understood each and every word you said. I wish I had a teacher like you when I was young.

  4. Thank you my teacher gabby for your clear language. I understand you accent your way is excellent to learn others

  5. watched many times and still watching because this video is very very amazing super important really really amazing , thanks ma'am

  6. You remind me why I don't subscribe you… We have INTONATION in other languages the same way what you said!!! You making it like American English is very special – IS NOT!!! ?

  7. Greetings from Puerto Rico! I’m working hard with my english because I need to get a job. May I suggest to talk a little more about JOB INTERVIEWS? Thank you Gaby, you’re an excellent teacher!

  8. Thank you so much, Gabi. You are an excellent teacher. You are amazing!
    I love your comments about how to speak better. I'm learning every day more with your videos.

  9. I love your videos and I learn a lot from them..and I love the way you deliver the information so clearly..thank you Gabby ?
    Your student from Egypt ??

  10. Hey Fatty, you look and sound like Brie Larson Capt.Marvel when she said to Thor sarcastically, "I am NOT gonna be the next Tom Cruise, I am gonna be the next me , thankkkk you VEY-RIEEEE much!"

  11. nice too meet you l, m from egypt i want to speak english but i dont know and thank you very well i need the help to learn the emercan english good bay♥♥♥♥??

  12. Thank you Gabby. I really want to speak like native English speaker with American accent. I'm from Indonesia

  13. You 're a brilliant teacher. Your pronuncition is clear and your channel is amazing. I go natural English like a native speaker.Thanks so much.

  14. Skyeng — это онлайн-школа английского языка нового поколения.

    В школе работают профессиональные преподаватели, которые проводят индивидуальные занятия онлайн.


  15. i m from Bangladesh .i understand everything but i can not speak properly .would u like to help me coz i wanna be a good speaker in english

  16. Great topic for this video, and I liked the explanation. I would recommend you to make it shorter, it would be even better! Thank you for your work ?


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