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  1. You forgot to mention something very important. When using the 'O' sound in 'you' or 'too' and in most words, you generally curl your tongue a bit which gives a slight wave to the word. This is not very noticeable because it seems like English people think it's as normal as breathing.

  2. Amazing …I'm from American South and on almost every video I watch ..YOURS and others comparing the two I always have at least one that I pronounce the British way …E.g 'due' …I say 'djue'..

  3. Dude her american accent is not even funny, it’s goddamn beautiful
    It sounds very textbooky, and natural

  4. How are you doing Mrs lucy? I would like to know which country English is best

  5. I thought crow was pronounced differently in a general american accent (kind of like crown without the n at the end)

  6. Who exercises through readers comments؟! ? I DO

  7. Excellent tutorial! I prefer the sound of the British accent over that of the American. It is like music to the ears.

  8. Dear Brit. There is no such thing as 'Canad-ur" or 'ide-ur' or 'Chin-ur'. It is low class street vernacular and is irksome when used by news media, professional and management types.
    Instantly irritating to Canadians is "Canad-ur". It implies we are still subservient to a old thinking colonial empire point of view.

  9. The world uses united kingdom English or Europe to communicate including standard unites and measurements such as weight,length,mass,volume etc. But speaks an American accent because it is clear to hear.most foreigners have hard time to understand the American standard unite and measurements pound,ounce,inch, mile,feet,i have never used pant for exchange of trousers before i came to America.Most of the Americans who have never been in the outside world might think the whole world is American way.

  10. you know how you kinda look like right? I remember who it was. "Amanda" calls her Morris (fairly nice kid) and sent her to Paule to have a mandarin cat channel (lots of weird stuff).

    Nontheless, me still outside. no deal, no probs.

  11. I am British English (and French) and when I speak English my accent sounds more American than British I find it strange (except for some words I can do it) but I don't understand why who to help me?


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