5 Tips To Improve Your English – From My Experience Learning English by Myself

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I never took English classes or traveled outside South America and I hated grammar books so I didn’t use them either, too boring!!
One of the things that is really helpful to learn a language is deep immersion, in this video I will share 5 tips to learn English quickly and easily while you have fun.

You will see that is possible to learn a language EVEN if you are not living in the country where the language is spoken.

I grew up in a city in Brazil that was really difficult to find someone who was fluent in English to learn with, that said you can imagine how hard it was to start learning English living there.

I will briefly describe my recommendations to learn English by taking some actions that CHANGED everything, not just with English but with any other language I wanted to learn.


1º – Have DISCIPLINE [Tips to learn English Quickly]

Having discipline in any thing that you want to do in your life will change the whole game, most of people are always talking about motivation, but motivation alone is nothing, I rather have a lot of discipline and no motivation, let’s say motivation is just that you are willing to do something but it doesn’t mean that you will do actually, you need to FOCUS on what you want and have discipline to keep in track.


2º – Create an English Environment [Tips to improve English listening Skills]

When you surround yourself with the language you are learning it’s impossible not to practice, put your cellphone in English, Laptop even take notes in English.

Let’s say you are learning Brazilian Portuguese, I highly recommend buying a Brazilian T-Shirt, that way when someone who’s from Brazil or even someone who’s learning Portuguese as well will get attracted to you because of common interest.

I did that with my Canadian Jacket hehehehe AAAND because of that I really improved my grammar and pronunciation by talking to people who would come to me asking if I were Canadian.

You can also get an EXCLUSIVE SIM CARD just to use with WhatsApp and ONLY add people who speak in English, by doing so you can improve your English vocabulary, grammar and not to mention you will make new friends, this will motivate you even more to keep learning.

3º – Read books [Tips to improve your vocabulary in English]

What kind of book would you read in your own language? Perhaps something you really like? Maybe something that makes you feel motivated by reading and talking to your friends about it? I encourage you to follow this idea by reading a book in the language you are learning, you can even start with some book that you’ve read before NO PROBLEM, the idea here is to expose yourself to new words and the grammar structure.

The more you read the more words you learn and you can use them during conversations or texting your friends in English on WhatsApp.

4º – Listen to Podcasts [Speak English Fluently – The Secret to Learn English Fast]

Listening to Podcasts will improve your listening skills, choose podcasts with INTERVIEWS, by doing that you will notice how the natives communicate between them, just pay attention and repeat the words and slangs that they will use, and OF COURSE, listen to topics that you enjoy, in the video I share some of my favorites podcasts that I’m currently listening, REALLY GOOD CONTENT.

You will learn how to speak English fluently and to use slangs

5º – Go to meetings [Tips to Improve Listening and Speaking English skills]

This part is pretty exciting because you will put in practice everything, I recommend websites like MeetUp.com , Internations.org and Couchsurfing.org to look for meetings nearby you home, if you don’t find any meeting you can CREATE one and invite people, make sure to go to places where you will have native speakers around so you can have conversation and learn more of the language with them.

You can even go to the touristic places of your hometown and talk to anyone that you hear speaking in the language you are learning.

That’s it guys, somethings I did to learn how to speak English fluently and I’ve never been in the US or Canada or any other country that speak in English, I HOPE some day I will !! =D

and of course if you are learning Portuguese take a look on my Youtube channel www.youtube.com/philipebrazuca/ the same method I used to learn English is the method I use in my classes to teach Portuguese.

Have a good one!! 😀



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