American English pronunciation is not just the way native speakers pronounce words, it’s the way they pronounce phrases – connect words, insert sounds, omit some letters at all.
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Methods from this video:
1. Linking
Words are connected to gather and sound like one long word. You need to understand how it works so you can sound more American and understand what people say
The last sound in one word is linked to the first sound in another word
When two consonants are together, we don’t pronounce these consonants, we link them together
This school – this school
Big elephant – bigelephant
Run away – runaway
A fine name
Good day
Good boy
I want that orange – thadorange
I want this orange – thisorange

2. Intrusion
When two vowels come together, we sometimes Hera an extra Y or W sound between them
When the first word ends with sounds -iy, -ey, -ay, -oy, y sound comes in between the two words
He asked – Heyasked
Three apples – threeyapples
When the first word ends with -uw, -ow, -aw, then w sound comes in Between the two words
Do it – Dewit
Go out – Gowout

A good example with both of the rules that I’ve mentioned:
At the end of the movie, we’ll all go out

3. Elision
Elision is when a sound disappears
Next door – Nexdoor

4. Assimilation
Assimilation means two sounds blend together, forming a new sound altogether. This often happens with t and j which make ʧ and with d and j which make ʤ.
For example:
Don’t you — donʧu
Won’t you — wonʧu
Meet you — meeʧu
Did you — diʤu
Would you — wuʤu

5. geminates are like twins — two same sounds back-to-back. Often when one word ends with the same letter as the beginning of the next word, you should connect the two words in your speech.
For example:
Social life – socialife
Good day

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  1. I am 15th years old and i am from pakistan thank you so much you teach me very nicely?

  2. Wou Mariana. You've been motivating me a lot. You English sounds like you're a native American. Continuo teaching us. 'Cause your ways os speaking is to die.

  3. This is really helpful, Im an asian living in southeast to be specific and im working as a customer service representative and It'll help me to reduce my asian accent. Thank you

  4. About the second thing (intrusion) sometimes it's even worse, like the intrusive R (sometimes completely unnecessary) such as in "I saw a film today" that becomes "I saw-r-a film today" (from the Beatles' song "A day in the life"), or "Law and order" that becomes "Law-r-and order" or even "drawing" that becomes "draw(r)ing" or "withdrawal" that becomes "withdraw(r)al"

  5. has anybody ever told you that you look like Anne Hathaway?

  6. Have you guys ever watched that Will Smith movie "Vowel West?"


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