Here are 5 tips (plus a bonus tip) to immediately sound more like a native speaker (of British English). This video is for ALL LEVELS. from low level to advanced. Even if your English is not fantastic with these ways you’ll sound more natural and more native.

These tips include focus on grammar, familiar language, slang, adding some advanced vocabulary, and touches on culture and the way British people would speak. Such as the use of understatement.

We go deeper

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  1. "I spent loads of money on my Hello Kitty collection and I may have the best Hello Kitty collection in the world." LOL

  2. So-ah…where's the "salamaleykoum" extra thing there? I thought it's about 100% 2020 British??

  3. Native German speakers should almost never use "indeed". They are nearly always mentally translating German "doch" in contexts where it's just not appropriate in English.

  4. An eastern non european giving tips to speak like a native of a western nation.
    Globalism… so fake.

  5. Modern British born people speak their own language very badly. They start sentences with the word "So" and use nonsuch words like "Everythink" and "Nothink" which sound really stupid. If you are from a non English speaking Country. DO NOT learn English by listening to Americans either, their grammar is terrible.

  6. “Might” is the past tense of “may”. So the phrase “…all who would might enter…” ( from the song “Jerusalem”) means everyone who wanted to enter, was allowed to.

  7. Maybe I follow these five tips. Have you more advice about this? I have much frustration about English and it makes me very tired. Thank you for making this video.

  8. I'm an American who has lived in the UK for 21 years. Don't try to sound like a native speaker. Be yourself.

  9. Brilliant. My first language is English but I’m fluent in Spanish. You’ve got the issues with non first language speakers

  10. A proper music-voice levels equalisation would have helped this video to sound youtube-native.

  11. I try not to sound like a native speaker. I prefer to be perceived rather as a German with a certain education when it comes to foreign languages than as a native speaker who is unable to speak his mothertongue properly.

  12. If someone asks me whether I speak English or not I always answer: I don’t English too much very well but the what I do is the best I is.

  13. Great tips! I'm a yank. That sort of makes me a native English speaker. Love the differences. We rarely speak in an understated fashion. Also, we tend to use words like "very" far too often. A crutch really. I love "cheers" and "whilst", but only use them while writing. "Ta" is feminine and antiquated for us. We always say "Do you have" rather than "Have you got". I speak Spanish at a very high level. When I'm asked if I speak Spanish, I say "Hombre…" and leave it at that. It puts people at ease immediately and the conversation starts to flow.

  14. Then again, sounding like a native with a 'somewhat limited' vocabulary…. Won't that just make you sound a bit thick?


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