Today I will not burden you with complicated and obscure medical terms in English. I will only acquaint you with the basic medical words in English which you will need to know in case – God forbid – you end up in the hospital in another country. To navigate the healthcare system in, for instance, the United States, you’ll need some basic medical vocabulary (unless you happen to keep a medical dictionary on hands). It may also be useful to know how enough English vocabulary to talk about health problems in other circumstances.

Learn these English words, and you will not only understand what doctors are talking about, but you’ll be able to understand English language television shows that have a medical theme.


  •         Hospital
  •         Emergency Room (ER)
  •         Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  •         Operating Room (OR)
  •         Ward

Medical Abbreviations in English

  •         CBC
  •         MRI
  •         EKG = echocardiogram
  •         X-ray
  •         B.I.D. = (from Latin “bis in die.” Typically written on prescriptions.)

Commonly Used Words Related to the Medical Field

  •         Exam
  •         Diagnosis
  •         Prescription
  •         Urine sample
  •         Blood sample
  •         Hypertension
  •         Cast
  •         Vein
  •         Syringe
  •         Painkiller/pain reliever
  •         Numb
  •         Dosage
  •         Biopsy (of abnormal cells)

Clarifying the Following Terms

  1.    Injury
  2.    Trauma
  3.    Disease

Now let’s move on to words that are associated with each of these terms.


  •         Wound
  •         Burn
  •         Broken bone (fracture)
  •         Heal


  •         Sickness
  •         Cold
  •         Flu
  •         Bug = virus
  •         Remedy


  •         Chronic
  •         Benign
  •         Terminal
  •         Treat
  •         Cure

Names of Medical Personnel in English

  •         Surgeon
  •         Anesthesiologist
  •         Cardiologist
  •         Traumatologist
  •         Orthopedist
  •         Gastroenterologist
  •         Dermatologist
  •         Gynaecologist
  •         Urologist
  •         Ophthalmologist
  •         Therapist
  •         Nurse
  •         Paediatrician
  •         Physician
  •         Doctor = MD
  •         Family doctor

Don’t get sick, and enjoy learning English!

See you soon!

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