When I see my writing from twenty years ago or more, I cringe because I realize how much I had yet to learn. Not too long ago, I saw a writing project I did back in high school and my face turned red. The truth is that good writing is a pursuit. We improve through practice. How many revisions do you go through before you publish a text? This is what we need to communicate to our learners: everyone must proofread their writing, and everyone has room for improvement.

The list of common mistakes is quite long, but for one set of exercises I limited the list to six: subject-verb agreement, parallel structure, wrong word order, unclear reference words, dangling modifiers, and inconsistency in tone. For your convenience, I am offering a set of classroom slides in two formats to practice fixing common mistakes.

Featured photo by Pexels retrieved https://pixabay.com/photos/computer-keyboard-typing-1869236/.

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