6 Ways To Change Your English Accent | Fix & Speak Clearly!

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Want to Change your English accent and Speak Clearly? Let’s do it!
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Often my English students want to *FIX* their accent – which suggests there is something wrong with it! The problem is not that you HAVE an accent, but that your accent could make it difficult to communicate clearly. Training your English accent to be clear and natural when you speak is important for confidence and clarity. 💪⚡️Today, I’m sharing 6 Ways To Fix or Change Your English Accent so that you can speak English confidently and more English speakers can understand you!

Mentioned in this video:
Listen to these books to hear:
Steven Fry reads ‘Sherlock Holmes’
Michelle Obama reads ‘Becoming’:
Trevor Noah reads ‘Born A Crime’ (SO GOOD!):

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38 thoughts on “6 Ways To Change Your English Accent | Fix & Speak Clearly!

  1. Poncho Cruz says:

    Dear Emma, I'm focusing in british accent although the great american world influency. I singing rock music and trying to switch american/british accent . Cheers from Cd. Mex.

  2. Lucky Man says:

    Emma could i record myself reading a book or it is better to record yourself after listening audio…and what's funny for me, my records are the worst to hear them…but when i'm recording myself i don't recognise it till i start to listen it.

  3. Tony Chang says:

    I've been practising Aussie accent for around 5 to 6 months and to be honest, it's a hard accent to acquire. I did heaps of research, reading articles and e-books about the pronunciation, slang, common phrases used in Australia and even phonics and I'm still doing it. I talk with my friends using Aussie accent every time but I still feel shy and awkward using it sometimes because some vowels are pronounced differently compare to the pronunciation spoken by my friends. I'm still trying my best to get used to it.

    If you don't mind, can you explain more about the place of articulation of an Aussie when they are talking? because i still hear my own accent sometimes when i speak. I know that Asian speaker tend to speak with the front area of their mouth, how about Australian? Is it more deep inside towards the throat area like American do or how? I'll be grateful if you could kindly explain it. Thx Emma. BTW, I like your channel, keep it goin.

  4. Fidan Hüseynova says:

    Thanks a lot lovely Emma Teacher ❤️✨I really love your accent.And I wish to speak as you soon🤲🌸

  5. Sanket Motghare says:

    I like to go with the Australian accent, I have gone through few of the Australian actors and public speakers. I find it smooth and quite clear. I have been listening to you for 2 years, I find your accent a perfect medium to convey any kind of message.

  6. dae the happy tree says:

    to me as a a language learner, the best way to have a good accent is to not speak in your mother tongue for a while. i know it might be hard for some. but it works. i realized after a while, that my language skills dropped a little bit. and when i thought about it. i realized it was because i started using my native language more than i usually do. it may take a couple of sacrifices to have excellent language skills. but it might be worth it for some. to me, it's worth it.

  7. علي الحسني says:

    thank you Miss, but what about translating!?
    you know, there"re most more than 300000 words need to keep with meanings understand,! have you a plan to solve this problem?

  8. Vijayalakshmi says:

    Hi Emma!
    You are really amazing ❤️
    Wish to join ur online course…do I get any offer?


  9. Eugene Pakhomov says:

    I never really tried to work on my accent but since I mostly consume english content that has american accent, so when I open mouth to speak English I sound like an american (well, most of the time I do).

  10. Abi Arun 23 says:

    I'm a big fan of your accent mam.. Yours is much more admiring and clear ..I would like to copy yours always mam.. love your videos as always mam..

  11. Mounir Momo says:

    I need friends and tolk him becouse i want to learn english any one is free just communt and i will invitatiin

  12. Aparecido FERREIRA VAIS says:

    Hi Emma it's good to see you again
    You're amazing and your accent is wonderful.
    I like the way teaching English is easy to understand
    Thanks a lot have a great Thursday my beautiful teacher 😉🇧🇷 stay home

  13. Irfan Khan says:

    Hi Emma My Name is Irfan
    I Belong to Pakistan
    Emma How I Learn English Tenns

  14. Juliette Franco says:

    Hi 👋 thanks for this video so helpful !
    I just went to lingoda to go for the sprint but I don’t understand what will be the final price of the language sprint class ?
    Could you help me ☺️

  15. Jeszy Andrew says:

    Hi Emma.. I am following you continuously.. Your English is so Beautiful.. Today's tips are awesome.. Your giving me a lot of motivation and Be safe..💟

  16. Palat Balakumar says:

    Thanks Emma, your classes are not only thoughtful but also scientific.This approach would significantly improve to learn and practice English the way it ought to be.I love all three accents in English but I take care not to mix them.I enjoy watching all good English speakers to learn various aspects in the language. Ofcourse, your accent is impeccable which would take ages to master,but still I would keep following your sincere advice.once again thanks for all that efforts….

  17. Greys Anatomyst says:

    I focus on British accent because it's probably my favourite. Therefore, since it is similar to yours, I follow your videos & pay attention to your accent either 🙂

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