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7 English Words that make you sound Less Confident while speaking English | Spoken English lesson | Niharika #learnenglish #englishlessonplan #englishwithniharika

Certain English words spoil your impression and make you sound less confident in spoken English. We tend to use these English fillers, when your though process comes to a halt. In this English speaking lesson with Niharika, learn English phrases and Vocabulary that you should avoid while learning English and public speaking. These words make you sound not so fluent in English and creates a bad impression about your communication skills.
This English lesson for beginners is brought yo you by Let’s Talk English speaking institute in Mumbai. On our channel you would find videos to improve your English reading, writing, speaking and listening. We cove topics such as Grammar, Conversation, Tips and tricks to improve English, American and British Accent Training, Difference between British and American English, Job interview skills, Business English conversations, Communication skills training and much more to answer your Question – How to speak English fluently and confidently in the real world.

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