1. Reach out

We reach out to someone when we try to communicate with them in some way. When you reach out to someone in the context of work or job-seeking, you try to contact them by phone, email, or some other form. But reaching out doesn’t mean you’ll always get an answer on the other end.


She saw our job posting, so she thought she would reach out to us.

They finally reached out after a few months.


Reach out + to → Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

Reach out + by → The hiring manager reached out to me by email.

2. Fit in

When you fit in somewhere, you belong there, and you feel that it works well with your personality. When you fit in at work, that means you get along with your coworkers and managers, and you probably enjoy the company culture.


I think that I could see myself fitting in here.

She’s looking for a place where she can fit in.


Fit in + with → She didn’t really fit in with her coworkers in her previous job.

3. Get into

Your interviewer might ask, “How did you get into this kind of work?” To get into means to start to become interested in something. You can use the phrasal verb ‘get into’ to describe your introduction to your current profession. 


I got into writing when I was a kid, and I just never stopped loving it.

My dad actually got me into teaching; he made teaching look fun.

4. Follow through

When you follow through with something, you start it and you finish it in a satisfactory way. The ability to follow through with something is a highly attractive quality in any employee or  job candidate. 


It’s time for us to follow through on our plans to open a new branch in Hong Kong.

We’ve been talking about this project for awhile, and it’s time to follow it through.


Follow through + with → I always follow through with long-term goals.

Follow through + on → We need to follow through on those ideas.

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