Here are 9 easy commonly used phrasal verbs with “up” you must know:

COME UP – approach.
Ex: Mary came up to me and offered to drive me home.

CATCH UP – exchange news with someone.
Ex: I’ll call you next week. We must catch up!

KEEP UP – continue being equal with someone or something.
Ex: I am trying to keep up with the latest fashion!

MEET UP – to meet someone to discuss something.
Ex: We should meet up after work to talk about our project.

SET UP – establish
Ex: They set up a committee for collecting signatures.

PUT UP WITH – tolerate
Ex: How do you put up with your noisy neighbours?

STAND UP – get up in a standing position.
Ex: Damon stood up and left the room.

PICK UP – lift something using your hands.
Ex: I picked up a letter from the floor.

TURN UP – increase volume.
Ex: I want to hear the news. Can you turn the radio up, please?

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