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A good understanding of core grammar is one of the building blocks of teaching. Later on, you can start looking at teaching methods and approaches where grammar takes a back seat, but in order to do that, you need to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals as well as ideas for clear, simple (and possibly visual) ways to help students understand what bits of language mean.

The ELTCampus Grammar Refresher is focused on exactly what you need to be aware of going into the CELTA. No more no less. The aim is not for you to be an expert, but to have solid entry-level understanding. Expertise develops over time and through teaching practice itself. This is the best and most memorable way of gaining in-depth grammar knowledge and language awareness.

Try out this typical pre-CELTA task question:

Can you answer these questions confidently? These are taken from a Pre CELTA task that forms part of the CELTA Application.

1.      Look at the sentence below and label the 15 parts of speech using the parts of speech given. You will need to use some of them more than once.

Sentence: A really good teacher thinks hard about likely errors and then he/she plans the lesson carefully.

Parts of speech: noun (n.) verb (v.) adjective (adj.) adverb (adv.) pronoun (pron.) article (art.) conjunction (conj.) preposition (prep.)

How did you go? Could you identify them?

2.      Look at the sentences below and make notes about the meaning/use and form of the language, including any terminology that you already know. You can use your own existing knowledge, as well as an appropriate language reference resource.

a) When we arrived, Pronoun was jumping into the river.

b) When we arrived, Pronoun had jumped into the river.

c) When we arrived, Pronoun jumped into the river.

Now check out this video from the ELTCampus Grammar Refresher Course and see if you would change anything about how you explain these time structures.

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