Let`s Have fun, colors, numbers, all in the same Time.
Here is the place where toddlers and kids of all ages can explore a world of entertainment , , music and fun toys. We will upload new, safe and interesting videos every 3 days for our children. Loads of family friendly content will bring a smile and a relaxing time for kids and for parents.We are opened to any comment or suggestion so please feel free to comment on a video or send us a message.
All the materials used in these videos were used responsibly. There was no abuse of food or fruit or toys or any other toy or thing used in any way.
and as we speak toys? see:
Spielzeug , للعب , 玩具 , 玩具 , Hračky , Legetøj , ludiloj , lelut , Jouets , Παιχνίδια , खिलौने , Juguetes , Mainan , Leikföng , トイズ , ಟಾಯ್ಸ್ , 장난감 , игрушки , đồ chơi , іграшки
and as children? see:
dzieci , children , الأطفال , 孩子們 , 孩子们 , infanoj , enfants , niños , 어린이 , 子供 , anak-anak , Kinder , дети , barn , เด็ก ๆ , çocuklar , con cái , bambini.
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No child abuse on this channel! The children that played in any of our videos acted, played and sang songs on their free will and they loved it:) Also they were carefully watched and supervised for safety.
Free Music used in this video from YouTube audio library:




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