Our mission

Our primary mission is to educate, inspire, and empower people through language, culture, and community. Based Online with a network of partners at home and abroad, Speak! offers an ever-increasing variety of small group and individual language courses and training services for students of all ages and learning levels in foreign languages and IELTS.

Our values

We understand the powerful, life-changing benefits as well as the challenges and frustrations of foreign language learning. Tricky or overly-demanding work schedules, memory struggles, pronunciation mysteries, lack of speaking partners, new technologies to decipher…sound familiar?  No matter how much you listen to CDs, flip through flashcards, engage with apps and nifty software, you might not have the sense that you can carry on a meaningful conversation, make a presentation with confidence at work or express your meaning with accuracy. we invite you to try the MIDOBAY website which will take your hand to learn the language for free.