Part 2 of how to accelerate your English confidence in 2020 + a free bonus with 30 speaking prompts for daily practice.

In this lesson, we’ll finish the process to set successful goals and become unstoppable in your English this year.

In part 2, you’ll learn how to make real progress in your English confidence and stop wasting time on what doesn’t work.

In 2020, I want to help you stop wasting time on what is keeping you stuck and frustrated.

And instead, we’ll focus on what will accelerate your English confidence and growth.

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❞I feel that it is specialized for shy people, or maybe people that feel they are stuck. Annemarie has the tools to improve it. — Monica, Colombia

❞I noticed changes in my pronunciation and my fluency. This is just the beginning of getting my confidence back! — Anne-Laure, France

❞I’m glad that I did Fluency School last year, it helped me overcome the fear of speaking in English & I’m much more confident! — Emilia, Brazil

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Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m from the United States but I’ve also lived in Pakistan, the Czech Republic, Germany, and France.

Q: Do you speak another language?

A: I do! French. ?? I lived in France for 4 years.

Q: How can I learn with you?

A: Find out about all my small group courses here:

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English Fluency and Confidence, 5 Mistakes to Avoid:

What to Say When You Feel Stuck in English:

How to Interrupt Someone Politely in English:

How to Show You’re Finished Speaking:

Uncomfortable Questions and How to Deal with Them:

10 Ways to Tell Someone to Wait in English:



I’m so glad you’re still reading. I want to tell you one important thing—English fluency and confidence are 100% possible for you, even if you feel shy, frustrated, and stuck.

With Speak Confident English, I share strategies, skills, and resources so you can get the English fluency and confidence you need to:

✨Have conversations, get the job you want

✨Share your opinions in a business meeting

✨Make friends easily and start a conversation with anyone in English

✨Go to the grocery store without stress

✨Feel comfortable with any situation—in English.



  1. Thank you teachr.
    The confident is very important part If anyone want to do anything.I am luckiest student to be one of your students around the world.your advice are very helpfuly .

  2. Hi Anne Marie!! I like your videos so much! I will try the 30 days challeng you suggest. I listen podcasts every day and read aloud too to improve my listening and read. But is difficult talking without read yet. I love your lessons. I would like speak English so mucha because I bave a granson em the USA. Kisses

  3. Thank you for such great motivational video! The mentioned quotes are so good.

  4. I'll keep learning with these amazing lessons to feel more confident in english at the end of 2020 and who knows going abroad for the first time. These are the steps I'll take.

  5. Hi. Emery. When l saw you first time last year. And. I expect that increasing. Of followers this year. Because you are real person lest he you from kurdistan lraq

  6. I am face to communicate with my examiner i did it many times but i don't know how to build my confidence at front of her my english fluency is good but i lose my confidence

  7. Hi Anne-Marie ! I like that quote it says it all ! I, first of all, want to wish you the best 2020 possible ! I wish you to thrive in all of your projects you’ve got so far and in your life in general. I’m now 50, and I like more than ever to improve my English. It’s not for a job or things like that it’s more for my personal culture and all the privilege I can get with a good English. For example: When you need information on something, there’s no better language than English to get updated, advanced and accurate information. Same thing with movies, tv shows, music etc. With internet, nowadays, you can live anywhere in the world and be successful and up to date on any topic.

    Those are the reasons why I want to get fluent and to master English. In 2019 I spent at least 1 hour a day to watch YouTube tutorials and /or English tv programs. For 2020 I want to keep the pace and to use brilliant tips to be more efficient in my learning. I think better you get faster you learn. The confidence you have after a conversation with a native English speaker make you realize that you can achieve your goal if you keep working hard and you work on your weaknesses and you’re not scared to make mistakes. Been there, done that.

    Recently, I started to speak to myself everyday… 😉 when I go to bed or at any time of the day and words come up faster and better in the process. I also try to write more … what a good exercise to improve your English too. I also look up words that I don’t know and try to memorize them by using them right away in sentences that I make spontaneously. Reading and shadowing are also part of my tools to become a better English speaker. It’s about it !

    To wrap it up, as many learners, I’m grateful for your help you give me every week.

    Have a beautiful day and then … a splendid life 🙂


  8. When I I've realized that confidence is the key to speak English I had been speaking everyday for 3 months, now I need to get all that confidence again! Thxs

  9. I just finished my English classes last semester (8 levels). I was wondering how could I continue improving my skills and I just found your channel. I wish both of us succes on this year.

  10. Hi Annemarie,
    Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. Your lesson about accelerate your English, is very informative. I admire your suggestions and follow for improvement.
    Thank you.

  11. That is the most important lesson I needed to hear in the moment. Thank you!

  12. Madam, I have a doubt, that is; what is the difference between ' Correspond with ' and ' Correspond to ' ? Please try to tell me about it. I hope you will try to reply soon. I will be looking forward to your reply.


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