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Everything you need to know about ACT English punctuation in 5 minutes!

ACT English punctuation can be confusing, but if you stick to a few fundamental English rules, even the most challenging and confusing punctuation questions will become easier and easier.

One thing I recommend you do to master the ACT English skills is take practice tests and learn from your mistakes

Obviously, this takes a lot of work, time, and practice. But it gets results if you’re able to put in time and determination.

The other faster and more efficient approach is to use our online problem sets for each and every skill on the ACT English section. I only discussed some ACT English punctuation skills in this video, but there’s a plethora of other skills and question types you’ll come across (25 skills total).

You can check out these problem sets here: the5academy.com

Feel free to get started for free with the link @ the top!



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