Alice in Wonderland part 8: Croquet with the Queen

Alice in Wonderland part 8: Croquet with the Queen

Now Alice has finally found the beautiful garden she gets to play croquet with the Queen. Is it possible to play croquet with a hedgehog as a ball? And if the Queen wants to chop off everyone’s head, is Alice in danger?

Language challenge: While you listen to the audio, see how many examples of the future with ‘will’ and ‘might’ you can spot.

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Knave of Hearts
a playing card with a ‘face’ which has a value higher than 10 and lower than Queen

people who are in the army

people who travel with a King or Queen as their servants

Your Majesty
the name you call a King or Queen when you talk to them

hedgehogs (singular: hedgehog)
small animals that are covered in spikes and roll up into a ball if they are in danger

flamingos (singular: flamingo)
a pink bird with a long neck that often stands on one leg when it is in water

arches (singular: arch)
a shape like half a circle or a bridge that starts and ends on the ground

when you are arrested, the police take you to a police station or to prison because they think you have committed a crime

the legal process where people look at evidence to decide if someone is guilty or innocent of a crime

the place where a trial happens


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