Think of English fluency as an ongoing project 

There’s always room for improvement, new projects, and renewed interests. 

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression and lure you into believing it’s going to be an easy job. It won’t be, simply because the older we get, the more demanding our lives become. 

It goes without saying that as children, most of us didn’t have the responsibilities that come along with adulthood. 

Yes, learning a language might be easier for children since all their concerns revolve around studying. The context helps. 

So, even though improving fluency in English needs more effort as we get older, it doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible task.

As human beings, we’re constantly looking for purpose, a reason to keep us moving.

So why not think of learning English as a personal project? Putting your energy into a mentally challenging activity, like learning a new skill, will always have a positive effect on your life. It helps us stay motivated and enthusiastic, which in turn feeds our minds with positive thoughts.  

In any case, age cannot be reversed, so by devoting our attention and effort to something we can actually control, we find meaning and motivation.

Now, where can you start?

Get into the right mindset

Develop a winning mindset.

You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times before but here it goes: optimism and determination truly pave the way. If you’re confident, you’re likely to keep on working until you’re successful, and when you’re faced with obstacles, you will find ways to overcome them, simply because you know you’re capable.

But confidence doesn’t happen spontaneously. In other words, we’re not born confident, it’s something that we have to build and cultivate.

Now, if you think you’re too old to embark on a new venture, then you’re probably not going to get too far. The barrier hindering your progress is in your mind and it will translate into your results.  

Suppose you stick to the social construct of doing only what’s ‘age-appropriate’, so you shut the door to new interests. Then what? You’ll still get older, that can’t be changed. But what you can change is what you think you can (and can’t) do as you get older. 

Think of it this way, you can be thirty-five and learning a language or thirty-five and not learning a language. The choice is yours.

Do you want real life examples? Think of JK Rowling. Before achieving worldwide recognition for the Harry Potter series, she hit rock bottom several times in her life, personally and professionally. Overcoming all obstacles, she kept trying until she finally succeeded. She was 32 by the time she got a deal with a small publisher for her first book. 

Perseverance always pays off. From my experience, the people who achieve what they set out to do are the ones who never quit trying.

Success is never a straight line, but full of twists and turns. And It’s definitely not dependent on your age. 

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