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American Accent Training – Part 02 | Vowel sound AY | Free English Lesson ( ESL)

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American Accent Training – AY sound
To give you guidelines on the movement of your mouth parts for the correct AY sound.

To show where to put stress for AY sound for 14 words
To demonstrate the AY sound by using those 14 words in sentences

AY: When the letter A comes in a word, and sounds like an A as well. Produce this sound by keeping your chin falling down AND then bring it up to say an E. The combination of these two sounds is the American “A” sound.

Now see the position of the AY sound in fourteen sample words. To remind you of the meaning of bold capital, it means that you should put stress on that part while pronouncing the word.

For example,

Take : tAY-k Table : tAY-ble

Make : mAY-k Plate : plAY-t

Bake : bAY-k Late : lAY-t

Cake : cAY-k Faith : fAY-th

Fake : fAY-k Fate : fAY-t
Lake : lAY-k Great : grAY-t

Sake : sAY-k Mate : mAY-t

That has surely given you a good idea of how to pronounce those fourteen sample words, especially the bold capital parts. Now turn your teacher’s voice on for those fourteen words as they occur in the following sentences.

Please take me to the doctor……..

Can you make me a sandwich?

Do you know how to bake potatoes?

Have you tried a Strawberry cake?

Some people are so fake.

Let’s go down to the lake……

For God’s sake, don’t take that step!

Put the coffee on the table.

Can you pass the plate?

Never be late for your first day of work.

I’m sure you have faith in me?

No one can determine your fate.

That sounds just great.

In Australia, a friend is known as a mate.


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