Michael McIntyre explains how Americans feel the need to simplify English words to the extreme.

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  1. So true, you can see this everywhere in the US. They have to be literally told what to do or they don't get it.

  2. Then sitting in the corner glancing over is the Australian accent, hiding the fact that our accent isn’t even an accent at this point…it’s another fucking language

  3. There's also "breakfast cereal", so basically specifying what part of the day a cereal is consumed ?? Also "service elevators"? Just call them elevators lmaooo ?

  4. Americans understand English. But not all English SLANG. And the reverse is also true.
    Now quit posting shite clickbait.

  5. Americans think they are smartest people in the world…but actually they are smartest dumb people i've ever seen…ex..Donald Trump..from hornyman to wwe to president…what's going on america?

  6. I want to know what part of America this guy went to where he heard someone call a trash can a "waste paper basket". That sounds way too specific. He must be talking about a recycling bin.

  7. Honestly..as an american..none of this is true lol. We throw garbage in the trash. We say glasses. Horseback riding is true I guess…unless you're on a ranch..then you're just going to go riding.

  8. There is a reason why there is 1.6 THOUSAND down votes and it's not an American thing.

  9. – let's go horse riding
    – sure, I love horses
    * a few moments later
    – Jesus christ Jennifer ! What are you doing in bed with that horse?!
    – I'm "riding" it like you suggested

  10. I hadn't heard of this guy before. He's funny, but a little bit of a wanker. A little too sarcastic at Americans.

  11. the stupidest thing I've ever heard about english . he is 100% wrong because english is germanic language and germanic languages tend to use this way of word derivation for example "sidewalk" both syllables are germanic.same thing in german language "bürgersteig" = bürger"citizens" +steig"steep track" . and one more thing pavement is not english word it is borrowed from french

  12. “Waste paper baskets “ is an OLD term used way back in the day which is why the younger Americans say they never heard of the word . We call em garbage cans , bud …. and what wrong with horseback riding ?? ?We also have “bareback riding “. Which could mean anything – you would laugh if we called it bare back horse back riding …
    you people crack me up for sure … ? love it !!

  13. Xin được nói tiếng Việt vì sợ nói tiếng Anh người Mỹ không hiểu?????

  14. I think this may be a regional thing, but for me, pavement and a sidewalk are different things, I have never said eyeglasses in my life, and I have only called it horseback riding when I'm making fun of people. (I raise, breed, and sell horses with my family. I'm not being a jerk to everyone, just people who are too fancy.)

  15. British: Aubergine, Car Indicators
    American: Egg Plant, Blinkers

  16. I’ve never said nor heard someone say “waste paper basket” ???

    I’m American.

  17. Funny thing is not even the English speak proper English. Nobody does because there is no such thing as proper English. Brits today wouldn’t be able to hold down a conversation with a Brit from the 1700s. There is something called Standard English however and it’s really defined by the standards of today. Nobody speaks “proper English”. They write in a manner decided by scholars as acceptable to meet today’s standard in communicating. But in 300 more years from now those future people will have as much trouble understanding us as we would have understanding someone from 1700.

  18. ‘Americans will always come to the right answer, after exhausting all other options’

    ~Winston Churchill~

  19. Not only f ball these English ?s
    Think is ok 2 cos fights and wreck Properties # its Low taken it across the pound ? ??


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