Keeping up #AssessCLIL_UNIR spirit, I am bringing to you today an online assessment practice for evaluating CLIL topics/units/learning activities.

It is aimed at brainstorming and drafting assessment activities for a CLIL unit/topic/learning challenge that you might have already created and taught or that you might be thinking of doing so in the future.

Either if you are brainstorming and drafting collaboratively or individually, you must ask yourself at least these questions:
  • What is the PURPOSE of the activity? In other words, what learning objectives are the target of the assessment – content or language or both?
  • What is the USE of the activity (formative or summative)?
  • Justify the choice of assessment METHOD in relation to the PURPOSE and USE.
  • For the activity, identify KEY USES of language at TEXT, SENTENCE and WORD level which will be necessary for the students to complete it successfully.

Then, follow the steps below and go for building checklists and rubrics for assessment:

An easy way to build an online checklist is using Google Forms and as far as it goes for rubrics, consider adding Co-Rubrics to your Google Sheets and you will be able to build a whole evaluation system for your learning challenges: self, peer-to-peer and by the teacher too!

Hope you enjoy the steps and come back with your outcomes!

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