Apple announces the death of iTunes – News Review

Apple announces the death of iTunes - News Review

News Review – Apple announces the death of iTunes. iTunes will be shut down and Apple Music, Apple podcasts and Apple TV will launch.

The story
The tech giant Apple has announced that its music download service, iTunes, is to be shut down. The firm announced the launch of a range of replacement apps at its annual developer conference in San Jose. iTunes quickly became a hugely popular alternative to other music online services when it was launched in 2003, but has lost subscribers in recent years as listeners increasingly turn to streaming services.


breaks down and changes
• Old technology dissolves into new technology. It’s the normal way of things.
• After the revolution, the old government was dissolved into the new one.

phase out
end (something) slowly or in stages
• As cars became more affordable, the horse and cart phased out of society.
• We’ll phase out cash in all restaurants and phase in contactless payment.

too large or inefficient
• After two pizzas, Dan was too bloated to go home. He ate a third while he waited.
• After the merger, the new business was bloated with middle managers.

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