Some people are experts in speaking English with full confidence and ease. Although they don’t have excellent vocabulary it is not a big deal to chat in English. And, on another hand, some people are just a disaster when it comes to English. They feel like there is a great probability of an asteroid hitting the Earth than speaking in English!!

If you think you are the only person facing difficulty in English speaking than trust me you are not alone, there are thousands of people struggling to speak in English.

Anyone whose dream place is the UK has to be proficient in British English, and for this, they join the best IELTS institute in Punjab. In all cases, the candidate should be proficient in English, be it American English, and be it British English, or whatever.

Now, let’s start with how to ‘Improve your English speaking skills,’ so our conversation will be limited to spoken English only. If you are scared to speak in English in public than here are some of the tips that will help in boosting up your confidence. Let’s dig into the tips.

  • First, we must agree on the point that you should be fond of learning English. No matter how difficult it may be, practicing without love will not help much. Your love will move you forward, love the language, and learn to follow the right path by selecting the best IELTS coaching in India, where you will learn quickly and appropriately.
  • When you read English words than try to use them in your daily routine as this is a kind of practice to become a master in speaking English.
  • Do your best to overcome ‘Your Mother Tongue.’ This is one of the biggest problems for ‘Non-Indigenous English Speakers. Read something, record it using any device, and listen to a recording to see the difference and try to recreate it by repeating the process. Listen and ‘Watch,’ English News, ” Talk Shows, ” Debates’ on TV, if possible listen to English News on any of the international news channels.
  • What difference does it make when we watch English episodes or channels? While watching these English episodes, we try to imitate them. Along, with this join OET online coaching in India as professional guidance will make wonders. And, one of the best institutes is O2 Masters that provides individual classes with full enthusiasm, encouragement, and best lessons to improve your English for IELTS, OET, or PTE as well as everyday living with English.
  • Since your goal is to be a ‘fluent speaker and get high marks in a speech test’, take the help of online resources, download, and follow all the information that comes with the reading mat.
  • Have an English learning model. Do not try to read it in your way, read in steps by following the material.
  • Speak up. Converse with people who are fluent in English speaking. This will help in building up confidence while speaking English.
  • Whenever you try to come up with a new word, take the help of a dictionary, write the word, and see how it is used. If you feel like that you need extra guidance than it is better to join the best OET online coaching as they will guide you properly. You do not have to be a ‘living’ dictionary, but you need to enrich and strengthen your vocabulary. Use new words or synonyms correctly while speaking English.
  • Make sure your sentence structure is accurate. Take professional help as they will help in amending your mistakes.
  • You can compare your pronunciation with the sample audios for ‘IELTS Speaking Tests’ tailored for you. This is the best way to improve your pronunciation.
  • Take help from ‘best IELTS online coaching in India as they are master in guiding you the right way to learn how to speak English.
  • Intentional reading, listening to English from real sources, will not only help you understand the language but will also help you improve your spoken English.


With help of these tips, you can build up confidence while speaking in English. When you know you are good at speaking English than hesitation while conversing in public will automatically disappear. So, try using these tips to speaking fluently in public without any hitch.

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