Balanced English Learning – Improve the Way You Study English

This lesson will give you tips on balanced English learning. This will help you improve the way you study English so you can reach your goals faster and more effectively.
Many English learners have similar problems, and say the same things: “I’ve been studying for years, but I still can’t speak fluently!” “How can I remember vocabulary?” “How do I stop translating in my head?”
In this video, we’ll talk about what it means to learn English, why so many learners have these problems, and what you can do to improve the way you study English and learn more effectively.

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1. Balanced Learning 1:54
2. Practice Before Theory 3:52
3. Memorisation 8:45
4. Practice 14:11

This lesson will help you:
– Understand how to implement a technique called balanced English learning to improve the way you study English.
– Get examples of how you can balance the way you study English so you can learn English more effectively.
– Understand how to use theory and how to use practice when you study English.
– See examples of how you can study English and avoid translating in your head or simply learning vocabulary lists which you quickly forget.
– Get examples of how memorisation can be used in English learning to improve the way you learn English.
– Learn how to effectively practice what you’ve learned in English so you can better remember it and improve how you study English.
– Get real-life examples and tools you can use to improve your English studies now!


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