EL PASO, TX – Dr. Josie Tinajero, former president of the National Association for Bilingual Education and dean of the College of Education at the University of Texas at El Paso, raves about the “outstanding…inspirational…(and) motivational” message Danny Brassell presented to kick off the 22nd Annual BEEMS Conference for Bilingual Teachers & Administrators. Want to bring the joy back into your classrooms? Your teachers, administrators, parents and staff will thank you for bringing Dr. Danny Brassell to your district. Danny is the ideal speaker for your next event. A former inner-city teacher and administrator, Danny “gets it.” He understands your needs. You need professional development that is energizing and funny and – most importantly – provides your audience with practical ideas. Pump-up your teachers, administrators and staff, and help them all re-discover their passion for teaching and learning. You deserve a highly-regarded researcher and practitioner who will energize, entertain and educate your audience. Whether you need a keynote speaker or professional development day trainer, let Danny HELP YOU make your next event extraordinary. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and your attendees will thank you for booking Danny:



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