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Food Idioms 4
Make these 10 idioms part of your active vocabulary today.
Idioms: Drink like a fish, Eat for breakfast, Eat my hat, Jam tomorrow, Make mincemeat of, Play gooseberry, Simmer down, Till the bitter end, Upset the applecart, and Wine and dine.
Idioms Activator
After you have seen, heard, and read the idioms and their meanings, it will be time to activate them and make them part of your active vocabulary.
You can do this by using the Idioms Activator which I have designed to give you plenty of practice in listening, reading, and writing the idioms you have learnt in this Idiom Activation Pack.
There is a good chance that some of the words used in this Activation Pack will be new to you.
To help you out, I have compiled an extensive dictionary of the vocabulary used in this Activation Pack.
The dictionary gives you the meanings of all the words used in this Activation Pack.
You can download the dictionary as a PDF document from the resources link at the top left of the Activation Pack.
Vocabulary Activator
In addition to the Idioms Activator, I have included a Vocabulary Activator which will test your knowledge of all of the 190+ words in the dictionary.
You will be given random definitions of words each time you do the Vocabulary Activator.
This will also give you the opportunity to hear how each word is correctly pronounced in British English.
Add these words to your active vocabulary and make them your own.


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