Brushing is no Fun!: Learn English (US) with subtitles – Story for Children and Adults ""

Brushing is no Fun!: Learn English (US) with subtitles - Story for Children and Adults ""

Rohan does not like to brush his teeth or take a bath. But his sister Riya tells him a secret that changes his mind!

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Brushing is no fun!
By Srividya Venkat
When Rohan woke up,
he began to play with Jimmy,
his dog.
“There’s something
you should do first!”
said Riya, his big sister.
“I don’t want to brush my teeth!
Jimmy doesn’t brush his teeth!”
“Animals take care
of their teeth too,
but in other ways!
We must brush our teeth
to keep germs away!”
“Germs are very tiny creatures
that you cannot see.
If you don’t brush properly,
they stay in your mouth
and hurt you!”
“YES! That’s why
we must take
good care of our teeth
by brushing twice a day
– morning and night!”
“But brushing is no fun!”
“I’ll tell you a secret, Rohan!
Psst…” Rohan smiled.
Mummy called out,
“It’s breakfast time!”
“Let’s wash our hands first!”
said Riya.
“But Jimmy never
washes his hands!”
Riya laughed and said,
“He doesn’t use his hands or paws
to eat like we do!
We must wash our hands
with soap to get rid of germs.”
“Are germs on our hands too?”
“Germs are EVERYWHERE!”
Later Riya showed Rohan
the proper way to wash hands.
“Wet your hands
and turn off the tap.
Then rub in some soap
on the palms,
the back of the hands
and between the fingers.
Scrub hands for twenty seconds!
Now, it’s time to rinse off
and dry!”
“But that’s a long time!”
“Remember my secret?”
Rohan smiled.
When they came back home
after playing,
Riya nudged Rohan,
“There’s something
we should do first!”
Mummy teased,
“Play some more?”
“Germs are everywhere.
We can’t see them,
but they stick to our skin
and clothes!
That’s why we must bath
every day…
…to get rid of them!”
“Start by getting yourself wet,”
said Mummy.
“Then apply soap all over!”
Riya and Rohan giggled
as Mummy’s ticklish fingers
soaped them up.
“Then it’s time to rinse off!
And dry with a clean towel!
“Do you want to listen to a story?”
asked Papa.
There’s something
we should do first!”
said Riya, pulling Rohan along.
“Make the germs disappear
with our magic secret!”
Rohan nodded.
A few minutes later,
Mummy and Papa heard
a familiar tune.
“So that’s your secret!”
said Papa.
“Humming a song
to make brushing fun!”
“And while washing
our hands too!”
“That’s a great idea!”
said Mummy.
Rohan and Riya
enjoy taking care of themselves.
Do you?

Story: Srividhya Venkat
Illustrations: Anupama Ajinkya Apte
Translation: Pratham Books Team
Narration: Akash Kothari, Bernadette Joseph & Tara Kothari
Music: Rajesh Gilbert
Animation: BookBox

This story has been provided for free under the CC-BY license by Pratham Books, which is a not-for-profit children’s books publisher with a mission to see “A book in every child’s hand”. Visit to know more. Artwork has been adapted from the original book while the animation, music and narration have all been done by BookBox.


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