Monday, 8 June, 19:00 Spanish time, book your Twitter Chat on CLIL!

Never been to a Twitter chat before? Do not worry, it is very easy. Just be ready at Twitter with your handle and follow #AssessCLIL_UNIR. I will be posting questions to hold a debate in order, e.g. Q1. Why a CLIL program in an educational center? and so forth, always using the hashtag in front. Answer them following the thread using the hashtag too, and A1, A2, A3, etc., in front of your insights.

For example, if I tweet #AssessCLIL_UNIR Q1. Why a CLIL program in an educational center? you answer A1. Your answer #AssessCLIL_UNIR and so forth.

Do not forget to interact with your peers too. Keep it up and get ready!

How to take part in a Twitter chat

Twitter Chats are the quintessential live events of Twitter. They consist of a space where people meet to dialogue or debate around a specific topic. In other words, it is a conversation that takes place on Twitter.

They can be guided by a guest professional who speaks and develops the pre-determined topic or they can be open conversations in which everyone explains their opinions.

Structure of a Twitter chat

For a Twitter Chat to be perfectly structured there are two key points to follow in the script:

1. Hashtag: Through the hashtag, all participants and the presenter / organizer / moderator follow everything that is said in each of the tweets that are written.

The normal thing is to use a single hashtag that is the one that identifies these social conversations.

Creating a hashtag is as simple as putting the hash symbol # in front of the name that we want to give to our Twitter chat.

2. Questions: To discuss a topic in a Twitter Chat, we will do so by answering a series of questions.

Between the organizer of the Twitter chat and the guest, if any, they will develop a number of questions to which answers will be given, as well as new questions from the participants and conversations between them that will end up generating a rich colloquium on the chosen topic.

3. Order: The talk should be as orderly as possible. To do this, we number the questions and ask the participants to provide identification to the rest each time they respond or comment so that the rest know what they refer to. In this way, question 1 (A1) will be answered by answer 1 (A1).

The questions will be unique and will be launched by the event moderator; that is, there can only be one Q1 and one Q2, etc. But the answers can be as many as we want, so that the guest / moderator / organizer can tweet and follow the thread with several A1, A2, etc., and the participants will use all the A1, A2, etc. they consider to do their comments or raise your questions regarding Q1, Q2, etc.

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