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Oonderbhai, a mischievous little mouse, troubles Cheeku and Baa to no end. He nibbles at everything in the house. Something has to be done!

“There is a mouse in the house,”
cried Cheeku,
as he jumped onto a chair.
Baa laughed,
but she was worried
that the mouse
would sneak inside their cupboards
and make holes in their clothes.
Cheeku named the mouse
Oonderbhai and said,
“It is small, but plump.”
Cheeku and Baa
tried to chase it
out of the house,
but it was smart
and always disappeared
in a corner somewhere.
Cheeku said,
“Oonderbhai is a daring creature.
He is fit and fast,
and can jump
from the cupboards to the sink
and onto the floor,
just like a circus acrobat.”
often littered the floor
with food crumbs,
and made Baa very upset
when she found out
that he was nibbling at everything
from paper and clothes to food.
Baa told Cheeku,
“It is very difficult to catch mice.
They are like magicians.
They appear and disappear
in a flash.
And, when they are in the house,
food disappears.
It is amazing
how a little creature like this,
can upset our lives.”
Baa asked Cheeku
to look for a mousetrap
in the storeroom.
Cheeku found it,
but even if Oonderbhai was caught,
he always managed to wriggle out
and was at his mischief again.
So, Baa sent Cheeku
to buy a new mousetrap.
That night,
Baa put a ghee soaked chapatti
on the hook of the trap,
whose smell
Oonderbhai simply could not resist.
This time,
Oonderbhai was firmly trapped
and unable to escape.
The next morning,
Cheeku looked into the mousetrap
and called out to Baa saying,
“Oonderbhai has eaten the chapatti
and has become so fat
that he cannot get out of the trap.”
Cheeku and Baa peered into the trap.
Their hearts melted
when they saw Oonderbhai
looking at them
with his black, beady innocent eyes.
For a moment, Baa and Cheeku
felt like freeing Oonderbhai,
but decided against it.
With heavy hearts,
Cheeku and Baa
carried the mousetrap to the park
and returned Oonderbhai
to Mother Nature.

Story: Esther David
Illustration: Emanuele Scanziani
Music: Ladislav Brozman & Riccardo Carlotto
Narration: Kate Cammell
Animation: BookBox

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