Learn about Comparative and superlative forms in English in this English grammar lesson through Urdu and Hindi. We discuss and explore examples of simple forms, comparative forms and superlative forms in English. The lesson is delivered in Urdu and Hindi language. We learn comparative and superlative adjectives.
Some of the examples in English are as follows:

Simple form is:
This donut is good.
The mountain is high.
The boy is tall.

Comparative : 2 compare
The red donut is better than the brown one.
This mountain is higher than that one.
This boy is taller than the other one.

Superlative : 3 or more things
The green donut is the best.
Mount Everest is the highest mountain of the world.
This girl is tallest in the class.

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Thanks for learning Comparative and superlative forms in English | Learn English in Urdu Hindi with iFactner.

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