This is a demo video made based on one of our 200+ audio podcast episodes. Culips ESL (English as a second language) podcast is for people who want to have fun while learning natural, everyday English, focusing on idioms, expressions, and slang. We always speak English as it’s actually used in day-to-day life, and we give you plenty of explanations of new or interesting terms along the way.

[DESCRIPTION OF THIS EPISODE – Chatterbox #66 – Learning Languages]

We’ve had two different listeners suggest that we do an episode about learning languages. Maura and Harp could talk forever about this topic!

So here’s the episode where we talk about learning French, and a little bit of Japanese and Korean too! Harp also tells us what she remembers about learning English.

Did you know that Harp learned English as a second language when she was a child? We also give you a few of our best tips for learning English, besides listening to Culips!

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Happy learning everyone!

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