Hi friends, This video is based on daily used English phrases.
In this video , I will teach you such useful phrases which are used in speaking English.
This video is very important for beginners who want to improve their spoken skill.
Actually these English Sentences are used every day in spoken English.
so watch this video attentively to get some extra knowledge.
friends my main motto is to improve your English skill .
and If you support me , I will definitely improve your English skill.

Links for other videos.

Do, Does और Did का सही use.

Complete use of who with examples in hindi.

Beginners kaise kare english bolne ki shuruat

Is to /am to/are to /was to /were to Vs has to/have to/had to.

pronoun part 2

Prononoun Part 1

Noun and its type Part 1

Noun, material noun and abstract noun part2

Self introduction in Eng;ish

Correct Pronunciation of English words. English Speaking.

Be,Being,Been ka use.

of causative verb

English bolne ke liye apnaye ye trick.

English bolne ka behtreen tarika.

Use of it in Hindi with examples.

Should के आसान use

might ka aasan use with examples.

Could ka asan use with examples in Hindi.

Different uses of can in Hindi part 2

बच्चो के साथ अंग्रेजी में कैसे बात करे।

Use of can …..part 1

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