The working week
The weekend
Listen to English Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
(the Sabbath)
Listen to English
Write English Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


In figures In words Listen to EnglishPronounce It
1st the first 1st
2nd the second 2nd
3rd the third 3rd
4th the fourth 4th
5th the fifth 5th
6th the sixth 6th
7th the seventh 7th
8th the eighth 8th
9th the ninth 9th
10th the tenth 10th
11th the eleventh 11th
12th the twelfth 12th
13th the thirteenth 13th
14th the fourteenth 14th
15th the fifteenth 15th
16th the sixteenth 16th
17th the seventeenth 17th
18th the eighteenth 18th
19th the nineteenth 19th
20th the twentieth 20th
21st the twenty-first
22nd the twenty-second
23rd the twenty-third
24th the twenty-fourth
25th the twenty-fifth
26th the twenty-sixth
27th the twenty-seventh
28th the twenty-eighth
29th the twenty-ninth
30th the thirtieth 30th
31st the thirty-first

Expressing the year

Write EnglishHow we write the year 2008 1900 1959 2000
Listen to EnglishHow we say
the year
Two thousand and eight Nineteen hundred Nineteen fifty-nine The year 2000

Expressing the date

Write EnglishHow we write the date 1st January 2004 07/09/1959 August 12 2003
Listen to EnglishHow we say
the date
The first of January 2004 The seventh of September 1959 August the 12th 2003


For single days and dates we use on.

For example:

I was born on the 7th of the month.

For months we use in.

For example:

I was born in September.

! My birthday is on September the 7th.

Naturally speaking

How to ask the day or date

  • It’s Tuesday.
  • It’s the 1st of April.
  • It’s the 1st of April.


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